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Reference Materials

Below is a compilation of written works / white papers that have influenced me. They are in no particular order, and I will continue to expand and organize this as I go forward in my exploration. It is by no means comprehensive and as I have time I will expand it as much as possible.

Reading List


  1. The Bible
  2. Aion – Jung
  3. Maps of Meaning – Peterson
  4. The Emperor’s New Mind – Penrose
  5. The Metamorphoses – Ovid
  6. The History of Religious Ideas – Eliade
  7. Man and his Symbols – Jung


  1. Turba Philosophorum – Waite
  2. Meditations – Aurelius
  3. Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Nietzsche
  4. Beyond Good and Evil – Nietzsche


  1. Dune – Herbert
  2. Lord of the Rings – Tolkien
  3. Crime and Punishment – Dostoyevsky
  4. Starship Troopers – Heinlein

Non – Fiction:

  1. Who We Are and How We Got Here – Reich
  2. On the Origin of Species – Darwin
  3. The Whole Shebang – Ferris

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