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I am a general intellectual, fascinated by the universe and existence.

My Background

As a father of 5 daughters, I have felt as though modern society has failed the young women of the past 2-3 generations. They have been convinced their feminine instincts are somehow less valuable than those of a man, by people claiming to be “feminist”. Watching my little girls be fed an endless stream of castrated Saint George stories, in which the female protagonist is born “capable” and therefore undergoes little to no transformation, crystallized for me the failing of modern society. Young women are being told to reproductively suppress themselves through chemical sterilization, and engage in sexual behavior anyhow.

This message is not in their best interests. In fact the outcomes of these actions benefit primarily those that do manage to overcome the indoctrination and reproduce successfully. Many women wake up in their late 30s wondering where the time went. Once they have emerged from the fog, they spend 10s of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments to have one precious child, who now is the recipient of an Oedipal possessed mother, scared of losing the ONLY child she will ever have.

This general situation is what has compelled me to speak truth into the void about the state of modern society, and the extreme harm we are inflicting upon the members of our civilization. You know a species has lost its way when the ability to kill your own offspring is regarded as emancipating.

My Interests



Data Science


Philosophy / Mythology / Theology

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